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Different action strategies exist to inform the public, the general public, the public of companies, local elected representatives and community agents in order to make them aware of renewable energies. We can mention, for example, operations such as exhibitions or touring workshops (often installed in a bus). The public can also see television spots, documentary programs, information websites or brochures. The common thread between these strategies is that the proposed activities are primarily information-gathering activities. We propose to use interactive computer simulations as an awareness tool that allow the user to access data (consumption, production, …) and to model an installation.


OPTIMAGRID: Clean, efficient energy for industrial areas The Interreg Sudoe Programme supports regional development in Southwest Europe


First version of the StationENR in July 2012:


The StationENR in 2013:



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[1]Rivière, G., Kreckelbergh, S., "La StationENR pour sensibiliser aux énergies renouvelables par la modélisation de micro-réseaux", In Ergo'IHM 2012 Démonstrations, Conférence sur l'Ergonomie et Interaction homme-machine, Biarritz, France, 2012.